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Suh-Yong Chung
Professor, Division of International Studies of Korea University

Professor. Suh-Yong Chung is Professor in the Division of International Studies at Korea University.
He was also a Visiting Professor at SciencesPo in Paris in year 2014-2015. Professor Chung directs
Center for Climate and Sustainable Development Law and Policy (CSDLAP), and Korea University’s
Center for Climate Change and Marine Environment Governance. He has published numerous
journal articles and monographs in the fields of climate change, environment,
and sustainable development. At the policy level, Professor Chung is a Member of Policy Advisory Board of Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Chair of National Working Group on UNDP/GEF YSLME Project, and Director of Institute of UN Affairs of UNA-Korea.
Previously, Professor Chung served a Member of Expert Committee of Presidential Advisory Council on Science as a Member of
Expert Committee, Compliance Committee of the UN Basel Convention as a Vice Chair and was a Member of Council of Global
Green Growth Institute and a Member of Honorary Committee to Host Green Climate Fund. Professor Chung holds degrees in
law and international relations from Seoul National University, the London School of Economics and Stanford University.

General Manager

Su Hyun Jeong
Administration Manager @ CGCMG, Korea University

02.01.2018 - 06.30.2018 : Global Cooperation Manager at the Center for Global Climate and Marine
Governance (CGCMG) of Korea University
07.01.2018 - present : Administration Manager @ CGCMG, Korea University
She is a Research Fellow at Korea University’s Center for Global Climate and Marine Governance (CGCMG) and has also been
the general manager there since 2018. She is mainly managing a project entitled, ’Strengthening the capacity to address climate
change on the forestry sector in Ethiopia’. She holds one MSc degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the
University of Bristol, UK and another MSc degree in Spatial Design from Yonsei University, ROK. Since 1999, when she graduated
with her Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering, she has been constantly employed. She has worked for the Institute for
Climate Change Action; the Korea Environment Institute (a national research institute in South Korea); Siemens Ltd. Seoul; and
General Electric (GE) Korea. In addition, she holds a teaching license for middle school students for the subject of Environmental
Engineering and an International Trade License.
Her Dissertation:
Analysis of water quality changes after the Four Major River Restoration Project in South Korea - focusing on the four artificial
weirs in the Nakdong River (2014, University of Bristol)