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Environmental Regime Building in Asia

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Environment Ocean Governance
in Northeast Asia

The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea requires the scientifically sound environmental protection and sustainable development of semi-closed seas such as the Yellow Sea, which is bordered by North and South Korea and China. The Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME) Project is an ambitious common governance effort supported by UNDP/GEF to realizing this goal.


However, there are numerous political and legal challenges to such regional maritime management. This study considers the various options for the long-term institutionalization of the YSLME Project in light of the existing conditions.

Air Pollution and Climate Change
in Northeast Asia

Fine dust problem has become one of the vital environmental and social challenges in Northeast Asia. Based on unique geopolitical situation in Northeast Asia, KUCGCMG lead policy and academic dialogues on how to effectively develop regional cooperation by building a market principle based soft institution building process. In this context, we firmly believe inter-Korean cooperation in the fields of environment such as energy, forestry and agriculture should be integrated into the multilateral process of building cooperation at the regional level.